Water Cooler Rentals Made Easy!


How a Company saved over $350.00 per month In Water Service Costs by doing just one thing!

If your company is currently using a bottled water cooler service and purchasing more than 3 bottles per month you’re spending too much money!

Just think about it for a minute!

We have personally helped several companies saves HUNDREDS of $$$$ per month in Bottle Delivery, Rental fees and Bottle Deposits not to mention our system will save you time and space also.

Simply spend $35.00/ month and we take care of everything for you!

Who wants to lift a 5 gallon Bottle? Or 33 pounds Anyway?

I know it might sound silly but think about how many people are going off on Compensation Claims these days for simple routine tasks that they have performed around the work place?

So what are we offering?

We supply companies with Bottless Water Coolers that provide unlimited amounts of great tasting, sparkling clear drinking water without the inconvenience of bottles.

Every cooler has a unique filtration device called the Ever pure Water Filter!

Free Trial Offer!

1. We bring the water cooler directly to your place of business.

2. We set up and install the system to a water line.

3. You can try the water cooler out for a month FREE!

4. At the end of the month you decide if you want to continue to use the system.

5. We will invoice you once per month for the rental of the water cooler.

6. We replace the filters every year.

7. We take care of all maintenance & service to the water cooler.

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